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is the number one platform used by students in Africa as the trusted reference for; upcoming recruitment activities, events, news, subjects clustering, scholarship offers, academic competitions, career assessments, different career/professions choices, finding a tutor, university application links, study abroad agents and documents reviews. is a product of Study & Careers Consulting Group.  


Key Features


We understand the need for financial assistance whether full or partial scholarships. We have all of the scholarships listed according to study destinations, study level, study fields as well as availability. Check regularly

Scholarship Assessment

Would you like to apply for scholarship? Scholarship assessment gives you the opportunity to assess your candidature and advise how to improve your profile before you actually submit your scholarship application

Careers & Professions

Get the opportunity to learn and understand different professions and careers under different fields. A deep understanding of the profession will guide you in in making an informed decision of the career to pursue.

Career Assessment

Not sure what career to pursue? Career Assessment is designed to help us understand you in order to advise the most suitable career according to your strengths, weaknesses, characters, traits, personalities and all features that will influence your career opportunities.

Academic News

There is a lot of new information and news around the World. We would like to keep you updated of what’s going on that is of high importance in your education and career prospects. The information could be related to visa, job opportunities for international students, etc.

Academic Events

Do not miss any important event happening near you. We feature all of the important academic events that will be of great importance to you such as university recruitment events, career weeks, webinars, challenges, etc.

Find a tutor

Find private and experienced tutors from top schools who will help you excel in tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, ACT. Some universities will require that you must sit of the test and we’re here to help you score the highest scores and therefore offering customized tuition.

Find University Agents

Find registered and licensed agents to help you apply to universities of your choice in various destinations globally. Agents are vital as they experience, knowledge and they give you extra support other services such as visa application including.

Find University Application Links

We have all the links to make your university application to all destinations such as UCAS, CommonApp, etc. We do our best to make your university applications as simple as possible by having all the application options available will save you time and energy.

Document Reviews

We help review and share feedback on important documents and applications such as essays, personal statements, recommendation letters, proposals, etc. By doing so, we help you polish your application and improve your chances of success.

Challenges and Competitions

We feature different challenges and competitions for students. All participants receive certificate of participation and winners receive great prizes such as cash (up to - $5,000), holidays, university scholarships, etc. Regularly check out the current competitions.

Career Trends

This gives you an overview of the future trends in career and job opportunities. With the dynamic changes happening across the World, this is an opportunity to find out what you need to do now, to be relevant in the future.


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My Future app has several features available at two different subscription models

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Subject vs. Careers (subjects required for different careers)
Competitions & Challenges  (Prizes to be won)   
Careers & Professions (Understand different professions)      
Academic News (Know what’s up internationally e.g. visa, work permits)       
Academic Events (University fairs, etc.)
Find a Tutor (Find tutors for various tests here e.g. IELTS, SAT, etc.)
Find University Agents (Want to apply through an agent? Find theme here)
University application links (e.g. UCAS, CommonApp, etc.)
Document Reviews

Document Reviews will be charged

$10 per document

Scholarship Assessment

Scholarship Assessment will be charged

$30 per assessment

Career Assessment

Career Assessment will be charged

$20 per assessment